Koushu Kai

14th October - 27th October

koushu kai.jpg

14th - 27th October

The Japan Art Koushu Kai (collective) is a group of seven artists, the majority of whom are based in Tokyo Japan.

The group was formed in 2010 when, as regular contributors to the annual Sai Art (Setagaya Ward) exhibition in Tokyo, they realized a shared ambition to promote the Japanese-style art aesthetic to a wider international audience.

Three of the Koushu Kai artists (Michiko Tateuchi , Tadao Nemoto and Masatada Daimon) work in a more established oil on canvas medium

The remaining four artists in the group (Tomoko Dunk, Koshu Honda, Kyoko Suzuki and Hitomi Oura ) create works in the Nihonga style.

Nihonga is a generic term coined in the Meiji Era (1868-1912) to distinguish traditional Japanese -style painting from that of ‘Yoga’ or Western art. In essence the term Nihonga refers to the materials used rather than the subject matter of the actual paintings. A selection of minerals such as stone, shell and coral are ground to a fine powder then mixed with an animal- glue solvent known as mikawa. This process produces a coloured pigment; this is then further mixed with water and painted on to washi paper attached to a board. Gold and silver leaf is occasionally used to embellish the finished piece. Nihonga works are representational, taking the natural world as inspiration and are often characterized by the minute detail visible in the subject matter. 

The exhibition at Grey Walls Gallery is only the second time in 2019 that the Collective’s work has been displayed in the UK. After the show ends the bulk of the collection will be shipped back to Japan. Subsequently this represents a unique and final chance to view, evaluate and perhaps even purchase one of the paintings.